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17th Feb 2008 - Coopers Bavarian Lager

Having had good reports of the Coopers kits, I decided to make one and decided that I would make the Bavarian Lager, which is the only Coopers kit to come with a genuine lager yeast . . . Not that I was going to use that . . . Saflager 23 was destined for this beer. The Coopers kits are 1.8Kg, and you add a kilo of extra fermentables, be it sugar, beer kit enhancer, or malt extract. Knowing that using spray malt gives a better result I decided on using that. I also decided to boil the kit with some extra saaz hops (just for fun, and they have been in the freezer for some time), and chill in the way I would with my all grain beers. This is because I know that this will result in a more stable beer.

Sometimes you can make the most elementary mistakes.

Filled the boiler with 5 gallons of water and brought it to the boil, In the meantime mixed the 500g of extra light DME with 4L of cold water, and added it to the boiler. . . . . . . Ah now have 6 Gallons in the boiler :shock: How did that happen  :-k , oh well see what sort of gravity I have when I've added the extract . . . . open tin, pour it into stainless bucket and add hot water from boiler stir to dissolve, rinse tin, add back to boiler. Stir well to mix . . . and measure the gravity . .. 7.?? brix :shock: should be higher than that . . . . Oh well looks as though the kilo of Beer enhancer will come in handy . . . . Added that to the wort . . .lump soup :evil: RDWHAHB . . . . Wort came to a boil and I got the lumps dissolved . . . . Added 35g of old Saaz hop pellets, and the immersion chiller, after 15 minutes turn off the boiler and started chilling. When the wort got to 70C, turn off the chiller and added the remainder of the packet of hops . . . . just over 40g :shock: Oh well, let them steep for 15 minutes and started chilling again, took a gravity reading (11+ brix ~1.044 better). Chilled to 20C, removed IC put lid on and left it for an hour to settle. Syphoned 17L into the corny FV, and 3L into a conical for starters . . . poured rest down the drain :bonk.

Corny FV was put into a bucket of water with a 100w Aquarium heater in it, and the new RabMaxwell FV Chiller into the wort. FV temp controller turned on, and when wort was at 12C yeast was pitched . . . . Total time for brew 5 hours . . . I'm going back to AG, this kit brewing takes up too much time. ;)

Still had a look at the beer when I got home, nice 2-3 inches of foam on top which is a surprise, as the yeast is a definite bottom worker. . . . Still its only 48 hours since pitching . . . . it'll die back after a few days.

Scientia potentia est . . . . . Or not in this case  :D

(Oh AG CAP planned for 14 days time once this stater has finished :D )

I didn't even mention not putting the hop strainer in the boiler for fear of being ridiculed

Time Passes

Well, a few weeks ago I actually bottled the 'beer' (If you can call 1.5L Grolsch bottles, bottles :D ). 90g of Extra Light Malt Extract was dissolved and gently mixed into the primary, and I suck started the syphon before attaching the tube to the Beer Gun. 8 Bottles were filled in short order.

25th April 2008

Time Passes

Last night, I threw one of the bottles in the freezer, to chill it down, and an hour later, I popped the seal, nice reassuring pfhut!, poured well, clear with a good riding bead, to form the head. Sediment was firm. Much darker than a true Bavarian pilsner almost a copper colour. Good aroma from the additional hops, Taste was initially fruity/cidery (From the Beer Kit Enhancer ??), but no THT, with bitterness having a good length.

A nice experiment, and I'm happy drinking it . . . A Bohemian pilsner is going to be brewed in the near future . . . May do an English summer ale first though . . . So a comparison can be made

Kits made well . . . Or even not as in this case . . . can still produce reasonable beer.