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26th Sept 2010 - Design A Brew - Wheat Beer


An awful lot of brewers once having 'mashed' beers never return to kits, as the quality of mashed beer is vastly superior. These Beer kits from 'Heart Of England' offer the potential for the kit brewer to produce beers apporaching the quality of a mashed beer.

As this is a wheat beer, the hop profile is not all that pronounced, and so I decided not to follow the advice from Chris (to put the spent hop pack in the FV). I also decided to brew it 'short', and only make 19 litres instead of the more normal 23 litres.

The wort ended up at a gravity of 12.5 Brix which is about 1.050, as for bitterness that should be around (28*23)/18 or 35 EBU . . . . slightly more bitter than normal for style. . . . Wort looks nice, pale and clear . . . not the crystal clarity that you would expect from a mashed beer, but it does hold promise. . . . and I can always serve it as a hefe weiss ;)