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We have been lucky in recent years that there were two very strong UK based brewing forums in existance, (three if you count the UK Homebrew mailing list). However, recent events following the sale of one of those forums to a commercial company based in the United States, has caused some serious upsets. I have always been proud to be a member of The H ome B rewing Forum, having been one of the early members, and a moderator for some time, before stepping down when I took over the helm of the Craft Brewing Association.

While I was upset with the sale of T H B F, I can fully understand and appreciate the reasons why the founders decided to do so, and after all, handing over your forum to a commercial organisation, that manages other forums, apparently successfully, you will expect that it will be treated with due care and professionally, with consideration for the membership base.

Wow, what a mistake to make! Despite telling everyone that the new owners would make no changes for the sake of it, one day we tried to log on and found the forum down, not an issue in itself, but further surprises awaited us, the entire forum infrastructure was changed from phpBB3 (with extensive customisation) to vBulletin (with zero customisations). This broke all the custom code that had been added over the years severely reducing the functionality available to users. PLUS it broke the pages that were used to book the Spring Thing, only 6 weeks before the event, which was the busiest time for booking historically. As you can imaging the users, having not been informed, were exceptionally vocal, and despite everything the owners persisted in keeping the forum as it was, rather than reverting back to the original phpBB environment. People complaining and saying that we could have tested it before it went live were eventually banned, anyone speaking out against the new owners, were banned, anyone that had links to other forums in their signatures, or posted links to answers on other forums, were banned.

This was simply intolerable and thanks to the craft brewing association a new UK Based Public Brewing Forum (The Brewing Forum) was created, where all aspects of brewing Beer, Wine, Ciders and other drinks can be discussed, whether you brew from kits, extract or all grain, Brew In A Bag or 3 Vessel, Plastic or Stainless, all are welcome. Along with discussions on Bread, Sausage making and a whole host of other topics. This forum is free to join, and completely free of advertising, although we do have some vendors as members already. Many of the most prolific posters from T H B F, with vast amounts of beer and winemaking knowledge, have already joined the new forum, and questions are answered quickly, by people with an understanding and experience of the subject.

Although the forum has only been running since the end of April 2014, it has a thriving active membership, and a really friendly 'pub like' atmosphere. So come along take a look at what we are discussing, if you like what you see feel free to sign up and take part.

The Brewing Forum