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15th June 2008 - Effin Summer Ale

Here was a challenge thrown down at the Northern CBA meeting in January to brew a light ale for drinking on a summer day 1.035-1.040. The real trick with this one of course is that there is nowhere to hide dodgy practices . . . like in all pale beers really. . . . I'm hoping that I can hide something with all that late hopping with well over 50% of the IBU's coming from the 30 Minute addition . . . . its not quite a hop burst/bomb but its getting on that way.

11Kg Pale Malt
250g Light Crystal (70EBC)
130g Chocolate Malt

30g Fuggles Hops (5.9% aa - First Wort)
40g Fuggles Hops (5.9%aa - 30 minutes)
150g Styrian Bobek ( 4.7%aa - 15 minutes)
50g Styrian Bobek ( 4.7%aa - 15 minute steep at 80ºC)

Aiming for a beer around 1.035, and about 25IBU, so moderately bitter for the gravity, but not out of balance. the light crystal malt will add a bit of sweetness without being cloying which standard grades of crystal can be. The Chocolate malt can add a degree fo nuttiness, but I suspect that in this volume of wort, ( 76l) that will be lost. Although there are a lot of hops in this beer the majority of bittering power comes from the late additions so the level of bitterness should be rather subdued.
Unfortunately I was unable to take pictures of this brewing session, however, I did my first batch sparge. I haven't got round to converting the 80L Thermobox yet so am going to use the 50L converted keg tun . . . . Which is going to restrict the amount of liquor I can use. According to the batch sparge calculator I am going to need 91l in the kettle pre boil, and need to use two equal batches of 45.5l . . . . I can see me crying over spilt wort :D as the mash tun only holds 50l brim full . . . So I am going to try three equal batches of 30l , adding 13l for batch one, then two more batches of 30l.

Batch Sparging is great, using three batches was a bit of a pain, due to the extra time involved, however, I ended up with 84% mash efficiency which is considerably higher than I was expecting. Unfortunately I also discovered that I was running low on gas so decided to reduce the boil from 90 minutes down to 60 minutes duration.

Things went well trhought the boil, and it was only when I was cooling the wort that I managed to overfill one of the kettles and spilt a load of wort . . . still I did end up with 71l of wort in the FV though.

EffinSummerAlePic Eventually ended up with 79.5L at 1.035 following diultion which means that even with batch sparging and various wort losses I exceeded my estimated 75% efficiency by quite a bit

Nice looking wort though. . . . Pitched with two 11g packets of Nottingham yeast to aid the crisp clean profile I was after. Fermented it at 22ºC and then allowed the temperature to fall to 20ºC for the rest of the fermentation
20th June 2008
EffinSummerAlePic_02 Less than 4 days since pitching and the gravity is stable at 4.9 Brix which should be somewhere in the region of ~1.010 (for 3.5% abv) about where I was aiming. Head has cleared from the surface of the brew, and looking at the sight glass it is certainly clearing from the top so I would say fermentation is over. . . . Time to start cranking the temperature lower now, probably drop it to 10C, for a period and then down to 5C (Hopefully) . . . . Already clearing quite nicely I think . . . Not sure this is going to go the full 14 Days before kegging/bottling now
29th June 2008
I transferred my beer to corny today . . . Filled the Baby 9, which has had 45g priming sugar in 200ml of water added to it. . . . Filled nicely, Got the first of 4 grown up corni and start filling that, move the second into place and hear something sloshing about . . . Oh yeah I left a couple of litres of peracetic in the big ones to keep them sweet after cleaning them . . . . . SHIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! forgot to drain them from the cask I'm just filling . . . 1/3 of a keg down the drain :evil: end up with 3 full cornii, a baby corny that I'm going to bottle from, and about 4L in the 4th keg.

Its going to be better when fully clear and carbonated . . . but its a nice pint. . . Golden colour . . . but not lager like, Nice aroma . . not massive, but a bit of dry hopping will sort that, Nice hop flavour, and a lingering bitterness to finish . . .and moreish . . . Glad its a session beer ;) Off to bottle now