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8th June 2009 - Effin Pale Rider

The Homebrew Forum run a sort of Biannual brew off, which has loose rules, and several brewers brew a variant on the beer, then send bottles of it to each other to see just what results in brewing on different systems. This time the brief is fairly broad, a 1.045-1.050 beer using all pale malt, hops of your choice to 40IBU, and Nottingham yeast.

15000g Pale Malt

180g Styrian bobek Hops ( 5.6% aa - 90 Minutes)
55g Nelson Sauvin Hops (5.0% aa - 15 Minutes)
35g Nelson Sauvin Hops ( 4.9% aa - 70C Steep)


Its a simple and traditional hop schedule, I'm using the bobek to provide bitterness and any risdual flavour from the hop will complement the summery nature of this beer. The Nelson Sauvin hops are new to me and are a high alpha hop from New Zealand . . . said to give a sauvingon blanc type of aroma to the beer . . . ideal on a summer day

No pictures of this brewday, as I had a live video feed, but I did manage to record some of the footage and have this video of of the process
The Dirty money shot - Kettle DebrisThe Dirty Money Shot - Second Kettle Debris
Well here are the dirty shots, look at the level of compaction of the break and pellet debris. . . . I'm thinking that using a combination of whole hops and pellets are a great idea for getting clear wort into the fermenter . . . .  especially when combined with an extended recirculation while cooling

11th June 2009

Ferment 36 hours from pitching yeast
After 36 hours the yeast have really got to work. A very nice creamy yeast head with no sign of any break material getting carried across, probably as a result of the extended recirculation while cooling.

20th June 2009